4 Tips For Avoiding Divorce

A reality of modern relationships is the knowledge that divorce statistics have been steadily escalating in recent years.

Even now, all marriages have between a 40 and 50 percent chance of divorce, which increases for second and third marriages.

Which is why it is more important than ever to have the necessary skills to ensure relationships are secure against the threat of divorce.

There are steps one can take to actually build a strong, stable marriage and avoid divorce.

Here are some key steps spouses can apply to marriage:

1. Start By Understanding And Being Informed

One can never be too informed about tools, methods and studies about building successful marriages.

Understand the risk factors like age and maturity at marriage can determine how successful it will be, the anatomy of an affair and what one can do after infidelity.

Understand the success factors like the personal and psychological circumstances that will influence marriage, what are the tools and approaches available in dealing with conflict, and numerous other relevant data.

All this information is readily available whether through self-help material, through a counsellor, support group or other venues.

The thing is, remember, this is information is not available to begin hyper-psychoanalyzing relationships. 

It is not a matter of spewing trivia for the sake of conversation information is there for couples to ponder over and internalize to help you transform yourself and your marriage.

That includes maturing to such a point that they become more competent in their knowledge but more prudent in approach.

2. A Solid Marriage Is One In Which One Never Stop Putting In Effort To Make It Better And Better

Good marriages are made.

They do not just fall from heaven or off the pages of a romance novel.

Unfortunately, many couples still believe that everything will be just fine after the wedding.

Well, the wedding may have been absolutely lovely but the hard work of the marriage comes right after!

When the prospect of years together crops up, couples just cannot afford to slack off.

Nope, it is not a matter of stressing one another trying to please daily. 

It is a mutual commitment to be other-focused.

To communicate, spend time together, plan and set goals as a couple, lay down guidelines and sticking to them, lay down guidelines and knowing when to change them, dealing with kids and other significant relationships and so on.

And, do not forget to keep up the romance, passion and intimacy in marriage even if some days, both are not in sync.

Interestingly, a couple who has put in the effort develop an almost 6th sense about the others needs and desires.

Now that is effort well worth it.

3. Total Commitment

Truth being said, happiness comes and goes and takes many forms.

Love grows, wanes, develops and is a given in marriage relationship.

Commitment, though, is something to invest in, to muster, to understand, to renew from time to time.

This is the one constant through the happy and sad times, through the passionate and lovelorn times.

Commitment make people want to stay, make them feel they ought to stay, and they have to stay.

What many couples do not realize is that commitment begins with a decision.

It is an act of choice within one mature individual that translates to how this person will be present for another.

It is not a whim nor an extra.

It is the true foundation of any relationship.

4. The Power Lies With Each Other

From coordination, experience and right knowledge, mature individuals make mature, lasting marriages.

What people fail to realize is that, in anything, even a love relationship and more so in one, one can take responsibility and choose your actions.

When the going gets tough, they have the choice to either react to the situation they are in or to be swept away by a tide of emotion.

A happy, fulfilling relationship begins with each other

This means that they also have a lot of self-work to do.

They need to work out  each other’s issues, mature, learn to love one another.

These are all part of developing, growing up and maturing into a successful marriage.

Even when partner has his or her issues under the pressure of a crisis , there is still the other. 

Provided he or she knows what needs to be done the right way.

All in all, what is  outlined here are 4 broad tips on how to avoid divorce.

There are many little details in each tip that couples can continue to explore with one another in building a successful marriage.

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